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Explosion at hydrogen fuel plant in U.S. damages around 60 buildings

Christian Fernsby |
An explosion at a hydrogen fuel plant caused significant damage to surrounding buildings on March 7.

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The blast, which occurred at the OneH2 Hydrogen Fuel plant in Long View, North Carolina, was said to have been felt several miles away.

No injuries from the explosion were reported.

Local authorities said that around 44 workers had been at the facility when the explosion happened at 08:00 local time.

A wall at the fuel plant was blown apart and several surrounding buildings, including houses, were damaged.

Almost 60 houses were impacted in the blast and many had all their windows blown out.

Some local residents reported being knocked over by the blast while inside their homes.

One home was declared uninhabitable after firefighters inspected the property.

Investigators are still on the scene to determine the cause of the explosion.

According to its website, OneH2 is a hydrogen fuel and hydrogen infrastructure supplier which delivers hydrogen that’s ready for “immediate use” – already converted to high-pressure gaseous fuel that takes only minutes to dispense.

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