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FAA extends conflict zone warning on Syrian airspace

Christian Fernsby |
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration extended the Conflict Zone warning on Syrian airspace for three years until December 30, 2023.

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It remains prohibited to conduct flight operations in the Damascus (OSTT) FIR by all U.S. air carriers.

"This action extends the prohibition against certain flight operations in the Damascus Flight Information Region (FIR) (OSTT) by all: U.S. air carriers; U.S. commercial operators; persons exercising the privileges of an airman certificate issued by the FAA, except when such persons are operating U.S.-registered aircraft for a foreign air carrier; and operators of U.S.-registered civil aircraft, except when the operator of such aircraft is a foreign air carrier.

"The FAA finds this action necessary to address significant, continuing hazards to U.S. civil aviation associated with the ongoing and complex conflict in Syria.

"The FAA also republishes the approval process and exemption information for this Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR), consistent with other recently published flight prohibition SFARs, and makes minor administrative revisions."

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