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Farmers in Netherlands to protest government's nitrogen policy

Christian Fernsby |
Farmers from across the country will be gathering in Bilthoven to protest against the government's nitrogen policy at the RIVM.

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While the local safety region banned tractors in the area, travelers' organization ANWB still expects traffic problems.

The ANWB warns motorists that major delays are possible, and advised them to closely monitor the traffic situation before starting their journey.

Veiligheidsregio Utrecht banned agricultural vehicles on public roads, in parking lots, and in all other public places in the province of Utrecht - to the anger of the farmers.

Driving a tractor or other agricultural vehicle to the protest is also prohibited.

Similar bans were put in place in Groningen, in Flevoland for an expected protest at the Lelystad Airport, and in the region of De Gooi en Vechtstreek, which includes the home of several broadcasters in Hilversum,

"We are very angry about that," Mark van den Oever of action group Farmers Defense Force said to NOS.

"We were in good conversation with the municipality and suddenly agricultural vehicles were no longer allowed to come.

"We are going to call for cars, but I cannot fault any farmer if they do come with tractors."

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