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Fire destroys 23 farms, 20 residential buildings in southern Poland

Christian Fernsby |
Nine people suffered minor burns and one was hospitalized with a spine injury in result of a fire which broke out Saturday evening in the village of Nowa Biała in southern Poland.

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Over a hundred fire departments and some five hundred firefighters fought with the blazes, which spread through the mostly wooden buildings, Polskie Radio reported.

Taking part in the action were also local police teams and the Territorial Defence Forces. The raging fire, which was finally conquered in late night hours, destroyed over 20 residential and 23 farm buildings.

Poland’ s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called a special crisis team to help the families which had suffered in the fire. Morawiecki wrote on Twitter that none of the families would be left without a roof over their heads, adding that the government help will also embrace the rebuilding of the residential and farm houses destroyed.

An investigation into the causes of the fire has been launched by the local prosecution in Nowy Targ.

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