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First shipment of Russian COVID-19 vaccine arrives in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Christian Fernsby |
The first shipment of 2,000 doses of Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), said Alen Seranic, Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the two BiH entities, on Monday.

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The vaccines will be distributed upon approval from the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of BiH.

Seranic said at a press conference that the medical professionals will be the first priority group to receive the vaccine and 400,000 more Sputnik V doses are expected to arrive soon.

On the same day, the state-owned news agency Fena reported that the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH had received a notification from the COVAX facility that the delivery of approved vaccines to BiH will begin in mid-February.

COVAX facility is a World Health Organization (WHO)-led global initiative aimed to ensure rapid and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

BiH acquired more than 1.2 million doses through the COVAX facility as well as 892,000 doses in cooperation with the European Union (EU) vaccine program. But the COVAX facility experienced delays in vaccine delivery while lower levels of BiH government such as RS started to purchase vaccines from other sources.

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