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FlySafair plane makes emergency landing in South Africa

Christian Fernsby |
A FlySafair flight headed from Cape Town to Durban had to make an emergency landing minutes after take off.

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According to Kirby Gordon, Head of Sales and Distribution at FlySafair the FA 461 departed at 20:01 pm from Cape Town International.

"During the climb the cabin crew were alerted to an issue regarding the cabin pressurisation systems and decided to turn back to Cape Town and implement the required safety procedures.

"In these circumstances crew are required to initiate full safety protocol, which the crew of FA 461 did with full professionalism. The pilots turned the aircraft back toward Cape Town and initiated what in aviation is referred to as a ‘rapid descent’.

Kirby said the aircraft had reached an altitude of approximately 20 000 feet above sea level when the crew initiated the descent action, with the aim to return the aircraft to 10 000 feet above sea level, where pressurisation is not a concern.

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