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France: Mass protests over pension reform, transport chaos continues

Christian Fernsby |
Mass walkouts are scheduled for Tuesday 17 December in France with public sector employees to protest over plans to introduce a single pension system that would do away with 42 separate regimes.

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French commuters have embarked upon a twelfth day of transport misery ahead of a third day of mass demonstrations on Tuesday against the government's pensions overhaul.

Unions have vowed to maintain strike action, leaving the country in doubt over travel plans for the holiday season.

Unions are insisting the government abandon the reforms, which they say will unfairly force millions of people to work longer before retirement.

The government has experessed willingness to negotiate, in particular on a "pivot age" of 64 that would grant rights to a full pension, but says it will not back down from the key project of President Emmanuel Macron's wide-reaching reform drive.

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