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Full personal information of almost entire population of Ecuador exposed after data leak

Christian Fernsby |
The detailed information of potentially every person in Ecuador has been leaked online, in a massive and unprecedented national data breach.

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More than 20 million people, including an estimated 7 million minors, were exposed in the leak, which was uncovered by internet security firm vpnMentor during a routine project.

Ecuador is home to about 16.5 million people, meaning that the entire population could have been affected. The additional few million may be because the leaked data also included the details of deceased individuals, according to the Ecuadorian State Attorney General's Office.

It is not known at this stage precisely how many living Ecuadorians have been affected.

According to the vpnMentor report, released Monday, the breach was found on an unsecured server in Miami, which appeared to be owned by Ecuadorian consulting and analytics company Novaestrat.

The breach exposed a host of personal information for the millions affected their full names, date and place of birth, home and email addresses, national identification numbers and taxpayer numbers, employment information, and more.

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