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German fire department fights large forest fire near Berlin

Christian Fernsby |
The German Fire Department has been fighting a large forest fire some 20 kilometers to the north of Berlin.

The flames originated yesterday through unknown causes in the district of Oberhavel, in Brandenburg, and began spreading through a wooded surface around 2.5 hectares, the firefighters' corp reported.

More than 50 firemen are trying to extinguish the rising flames in that territory, one of the most threatened by forest fires due to its large vegetation and an especially sandy floor.

Last year many large-scale fires were registered in Germany during a prolonged drought. Three towns in Brandenburg, the federal state that surrounds Berlin, had to be evacuated as consequence of a similar incident registered in August.

The work of extinguishing the fire is especially complicated since in the subsoil of Berlin there are abundant ammunition from the Second World War (1939-1945) buried.

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