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Google will politically correctly assume women and men are same

Christian Fernsby |
A Google AI tool that can recognize and label what's in an image will no longer attach gender tags like woman or man to photos of people.

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In an email to developers on toy morning, seen by Business Insider, Google said it would no longer use "gendered labels" for its image tags. Instead, it will tag any images of people with "non gendered" labels such as "person."

Google said it had made the change because it was not possible to infer someone's gender solely from their appearance. It also cited its own ethical rules on AI, stating that gendering photos could exacerbate unfair bias.

Google invited affected developers to comment on its discussion forums. Only one developer had commented at the time of writing, and complained the change was down to "political correctness."

"I don't think political correctness has room in APIs," the person wrote. "If I can 99% of the times identify if someone is a man or woman, then so can the algorithm. You don't want to do it? Companies will go to other services."

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