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Huge Philadelphia refinery explosion seen from space

Christian Fernsby |
A large fire broke out early Friday at an oil refinery in Philadelphia, rattling the area with at least one booming explosion and lighting up the dark sky.

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The explosion and fire came from a vat of butane in the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery starting around 4 a.m., city Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy said.

A satellite of the National Weather Service (NWS) spotted the massive fireball from the explosion at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery early on Friday morning.

“The heat signature is so large and hot it could be detected using infrared imagery,” the NWS said in a tweet.

Multiple giant explosions ripped through the refinery, turning the sky bright orange and shaking homes of nearby Philadelphia neighborhoods. Some residents said debris from the explosions rained down, according to NBC Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Fire Department said only four minor injuries were reported.

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