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Hundreds arrested in UK’s biggest ever law enforcement operation

Christian Fernsby |
A communication system used by organised crime groups trading in drugs and guns with military-grade encryption has been hacked by law enforcement in the UK’s biggest ever law enforcement operation.

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Thousands of officers from across the UK have been involved in a massive international operation which was launched in April.

Specialists from the National Crime Agency, regional crime squads and every police force in the UK were involved in the operation.

The National Crime Agency said it was after four years of work by international police units that French investigators managed to access Encrochat, an encrypted platform used by 60,000 people worldwide, including around 10,000 in the UK, for what law enforcement agencies claim were purely criminal purposes.

The company, which charged £1,500 for a device on a six-month contract, sent out a warning to users in early June to say that its servers had been hacked by a government entity.

This left investigators with a race against time to make the most of the wealth of information available on the platform, targeting "Mr and Mrs Bigs" before they could cover their tracks.

Officers seized:

£54m cash
1,800 rounds of ammunition and 77 firearms
4 grenades
55 high value cars
�2 tonnes of d

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