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Hundreds of Environment Agency staff work to reduce flood risk in UK

Christian Fernsby |
Over 200 Environment Agency (EA) staff are now on the ground in South Yorkshire supporting local communities affected by the recent devastating flooding.

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Since the flooding began last Thursday, approximately 13,500 properties have been protected by flood defences, including nearly 5,000 properties in South Yorkshire alone. Flood storage areas are also being operated to protect 7,000 homes in parts of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

The flood risk remains high for the coming days with heavier bands of rainfall expected on Thursday and Friday, bringing an increased risk of further river and surface water flooding across flood-hit areas in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire where river flows will remain high and ground is saturated.

The Environment Agency is better prepared than ever to protect properties and homes in the flood-affected areas. New flood equipment acquired since the floods of winter 2015/16 includes an additional 40km of temporary barriers, 308,880 sandbags and 72 pumps, including 12 ultra-high volume pumps.

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