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India partially restores mobile internet in Kashmir

Christian Fernsby |
Indian authorities yesterday restored mobile internet services in some part of Jammu and Kashmir, conspicuously leaving out Muslim-majority districts.

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The five districts of Jammu province which got back internet connectivity are Hindu-majority. Even in these districts, mobile internet users can access only “white listed” sites, like e-banking and government websites, not social networking sites.

The mobile internet blockade was imposed in the aftermath of controversial scrapping of laws which guaranteed the region's autonomy last August.

An order issued by the government calls upon internet service providers to install “necessary firewalls and carry out white listing of sites” that would enable the people to access websites dealing with essential services” but exclude all social media applications.

Government spokesman Rohit Kansal said in a statement that in insurgency-hit Kashmir region broadband services will be restored and 400 additional internet kiosks will be set up by the government.

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