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Indonesia compensates flood victims, warns of more heavy rains

Christian Fernsby |
The National Disaster Management Agency in Indonesia would assess the damages due to the natural disasters after the New Year.

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Indonesia has decided to provide funds to residents whose houses were destroyed by floods and landslides in and around the capital Jakarta recently while warning them of more heavy downpours in coming days.

An owner of a house with a serious damage will receive a compensation of 50 million rupiahs (some 3,620 U.S. dollars), for the one whose house with a moderate damage will get 25 million rupiahs (about 1,810 U.S. dollars) and 10 million rupiahs (equal to 724 U.S. dollars) will be for an owner of a house with a light damage, spokesman of the agency Agus Wibowo said on Sunday.

The natural disaster also destroyed other infrastructure, such as school buildings, bridges and roads in Jakarta, the nearby West Java province and Banten province, according to the agency.

The ones whose houses were severe rattled by the disaster would not be sent to temporary shelters as the government would immediately rebuild their damaged houses. A compensation will be offered to them during the rebuilding process.