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Internet services restored in five townships in Myanmar as of September 1

Christian Fernsby |
The Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has lifted the Internet shutdown in five of the nine affected townships in Rakhine and Chin States, Telenor said.

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Four of the townships are located in Rakhine and one is located in Chin. Internet and data traffic services were resumed in the five townships on the 31st of August, midnight local time.

Restoration of peace and stability in the townships was given as reason by the MoTC.

The remaining four townships, which are located in Rakhine, continue to be under Internet shutdown.

SMS and voice traffic still function in the affected areas.

Telenor Group sees this as a positive development.

"From the outset of the Internet shutdown, we have conveyed that freedom of expression through access to telecoms services should be maintained for humanitarian purposes, especially during times of conflict.

"Telenor Myanmar and Telenor Group will continue the dialogue with the authorities of Myanmar and urge for the restoration of Internet services also in the remaining four townships."

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