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Iran's flood repairs to cost $2.5 billion to rebuild all

Christian Fernsby |
The repair bill for flood damage in Iran is expected to be around $2.5bn.

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Millions of Iranians are rebuilding their lives after devastating floods a month ago.

Iranian Education Minister Mohammad Bathaei in a tweet rejected the recent report released by the UNICEF about Iran's flood-stricken children.

In his twitter message, Bathaei said the statistics offered by the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) office in Tehran about the number of children who are unable to attend school in flood-hit areas are basically incorrect.

He said except for a few schools in the flood-hit province of Khuzestan in southwest of the country where schools have been unable to go on with their classes, because some flood-hit families are temporarily taking shelter there , the rest in other provinces have gone to their routine schedule thanks to the efforts of their teachers.'

He said students in such areas are receiving free school bus services or studying in specially set up places.

Earlier in a report, United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) claimed 'devastating flooding in three quarters of Iran’s provinces has affected 10 million people, of whom 2 million are severely impacted and 500,000 displaced – half of them are children.'

It further claimed that 'over 1,000 health facilities and 1,000 schools have been destroyed or severely damaged forcing 100,000 children out of school and depriving thousands of essential healthcare.

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