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Iran says world stand by American people, protest around world against U.S. police brutality

Christian Fernsby |
Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced that world has stood by the American people and heard their voice of oppression.

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Abbas Mousavi made the remarks at his weekly press briefing.

The U.S. regime is following aggression and bullying simultaneously in and outside the United States, Mousavi said.

The spokesman expressed regret over the violence the US police perpetrated while being watched by the world people.

He further said the US police crackdown against the peaceful demonstrations of the people seeking a halt to the police aggressive conducts are unlawful.

The spokesman urged the US police and administration to stop oppression and aggressive conducts against its people and let them breathe.

In recent days, American people poured into streets to protest against death of George Floyd - a black man who was unarmed and died in hands of the police putting pressure on his throat until he choked.

"To the American people: The world has got heard your outcry over the state of oppression.

"The world is standing with you.

"The American regime is pursuing violence and bullying at home and abroad.

"We're greatly regretful to see along with the people across the world the violent scenes the US police has recently unfolded.

"We deeply regret to see the American people, who peacefully seek respect and no more violence, are suppressed indiscriminately and met with utmost violence."

Addressing the American officials and police, the spokesman said: "Stop violence against your people and let them breathe."

Several thousand people marched in New Zealand's largest city today to protest the killing of George Floyd in the U.S. as well as to stand up against police violence and racism in their own country.

Many people around the world have watched with growing unease at the civil unrest in the US after the latest in a series of police killings of black men and women.

Floyd died on May 25 in Minneapolis after a white police officer pressed his knee on Floyd's neck until he stopped breathing. The officer was fired and charged with murder.

The protesters in Auckland marched to the U.S. Consulate, where they kneeled. They

eld banners with slogans like "I can't breathe" and "The real virus is racism." Hundreds more joined the peaceful protests and vigils elsewhere in New Zealand, where today was a public holiday.

At a gathering in central London yesterday, thousands offered support for American demonstrators, chanting "No justice! No peace!" and waving placards with the words "How many more?"

In other places, too, demonstrators wove solidarity with the US protesters with messages aimed at local authorities.

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