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Ireland could vaccinate 1 million a month, HSE chief says

Christian Fernsby |
Up to one million people per month could be vaccinated during quarter two this year if the ordered doses arrive into the country on time, HSE chief Paul Reid executive has said.

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“Once we get supply, we will deliver and administer it,” Paul Reid told Newstalk Breakfast.

It was projected that 1.24 million people would be vaccinated by the end of March and this would be scaled up to 3.8million by the end of June, he said.

Last week 80,000 were vaccinated and 100,000 should be vaccinated this week, he said.

Mr Reid acknowledged that the fall in the number of Covid cases had plateaued, but good progress continued. The arrival of variants was a cause for concern.

“We are making progress and we have to keep up the effort,” he said.

The new variants were having an impact on young people as they were so transmissible. Mr Reid said it was not necessarily house parties that were causing the problem, but the “real risk factors” were going to a friend’s house to watch a sporting event or even just visiting for a cup of tea.

The emerging variants will always be a cause for concern, he said.

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