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Japan Airlines Boeing 737 makes emergency landing in Osaka

Christian Fernsby |
A Japan Airlines flight from Matsuyama to Tokyo Haneda was forced to divert to Osaka after a bird was ingested into one of the plane’s two engines.

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A report in The Aviation Herald says Japan Airlines flight JL434 departed from Matsuyama en route to Haneda on Monday.

FlightAware has the flight leaving Matsuyama at 12:10 local time.

The flight was on its initial climb when the left side engine ingested a bird.

The aircraft operating the flight was JA337J.

The Aviation Herald reports that the ascent continued to 19,000 feet before stopping due to indications of engine problems.

The aircraft diverted to Osaka’s Itami Airport and landed without incident approximately 50 minutes after takeoff from Matsuyama.

Japan Airlines JL434 is the scheduled midday departure from Matsuyama with a 13:20 arrival into Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

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