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Japan: Ship with 5,800 cattle missing

Christian Fernsby |
A big ship with dozens of crew and thousands of cattle aboard has gone missing in raging East China Sea, the Japan Coast Guard said.

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At least 43 crew, all foreigners, and around 5,800 cattle were aboard the ship when it was reported missing, Japan Times reported Thursday.

Only one crew member, a Filipino, had been rescued when last reports came in.

The 11,947-ton Gulf Livestock vessel is registered in the Central American country of Panama.

The crew include two Australians, 39 Filipinos including the captain and two New Zealanders.

Soon a relief and rescue operation was launched by the Japanese coast guard along with the Maritime Self-Defense Force and a surveillance aircraft. Stormy weather and torrential rains are hampering the rescue operation.

The rescuers found one lifeboat and the Filipino with a life vest in the waters.

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