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Japan to keep monitoring F-35 crash site to ‘protect classified info’

Christian Fernsby |
Defence Minister Takeshi Iwaya has announced the end of the search for a missing Japanese Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF) F-35A stealth aircraft which disappeared from radar screens on 9 April during a training flight from Misawa Air Force Base in Japan. The pilot's body was not found.

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Iwaya added, however, that even though the search operation has been called off, rescue teams will continue to investigate the crash and that F-35A operations in northern Japan have yet to be resumed.

He also said that an underwater camera will keep monitoring an area where the plane crashed “for the purpose of protecting classified military information”.

The statement comes after he announced on 28 May that rescue teams had found the wing and an engine fragment from the missing aircraft, which “were raised to then surface and sustained serious damage”.

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