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Japan, UK ban tourists traveling Mexico due to coronavirus

Christian Fernsby |
Mexican destinations have been eliminated from the main travel guides of Japan and Great Britain, the two countries with the largest tourist markets in Asia and Europe, respectively, local media reported Wednesday.

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FordwardKeys points out that the most visited places by British citizens are Spain and the United States to travel in July and October. Other countries of interest by potential British travelers are Pakistan, Greece, Turkey, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates.

Great Britain is the third-largest tourist-sending country to Mexico, only below the United States and Canada, and it is Europe's main market, ahead of Germany, Spain and France, Notimex news agency says.

Almost 550,000 residents in Great Britain traveled in 2019 to Mexican destinations by air, an amount greater than 290,000 visitors from Spain and 260,000 from Germany and France.

Uruguay and Colombia are the countries announced with high contagion risk, and restrictions will be strengthened over the next two weeks, Notimex said.

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