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Korean Air collided with Air Namibia in Frankfurt

Christian Fernsby |
Korean Air flight KE 905 collided with another plane on the taxiway in Frankfurt, Germany, on Saturday, delaying the subsequent flight bound for Incheon, the air carrier said Sunday.

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The incident involving the flight that departed from Incheon occurred Saturday at 6:20 p.m. (local time). While waiting on the taxiway after landing at Frankfurt Airport, the airplane’s horizontal stabilizer located at its right wing crashed into the end of an Air Namibia’s plane left wing.

According to Korean Air, 241 passengers and 20 Korean Air captain and flight attendants were on board, none of them were injured.

However, the subsequent flight KE 906 bound for Incheon was delayed for about 21 hours. All passengers who were waiting at the gate were provided with accommodation and transportation options, the air carrier said.

It added that the exact cause behind the collision or whose fault it is remains unknown.

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