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Lithuania to introduce mandatory self isolation for arrivals from Spain

Christian Fernsby |
Lithuania will introduce mandatory two week self isolation for people returning from Spain on Monday, the Lithuanian Health Ministry said on Friday.

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Foreigners will be banned from coming to Lithuania from Spain as of Monday.

The same regulation will also apply to Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, Portugal and Croatia.

People returning from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland will also be required to self-isolate but foreigners will not be banned from coming to Lithuania from these countries.

The ministry reminds that the existing regulation applies to foreigners from EEA countries, Switzerland, and the UK.

Moreover, as of Monday, countries will be considered affected by the coronavirus if the cumulative 14 day morbidity rate exceeds 16 cases per population of 100,000.

The morbidity rate will be reduced to harmonize the border opening policy with other Baltic states and the EU.

Lithuania's coronavirus morbidity rate has increased from 2.8 to 3.7 overt the past week.

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