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Malta seizes 740 kg of cocaine in banana shipment

Christian Fernsby |
On Tuesday, the Malta customs department intercepted 740 kilograms of cocaine in a record-breaking drug seizure for the Mediterranean island nation.

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The drugs, with an estimated street value of up to 100 million euro, were hidden in a 40-foot refrigerated container carrying 1,080 boxes of bananas, Customs Malta said in a statement.

The container was underway from Ecuador to Slovenia and was selected for screening while transiting through Malta Freeport, an international transshipment hub on Malta's southeastern tip.

“The officials opened the reefer and started physically inspecting all boxes and, subsequently, elevated 740 packets of a white substance hidden in 37 boxes which gave a positive indication for high purity cocaine," Customs Malta said. The packets carried a net weight of 1 kilogram each and were concealed within the boxes of fruit.

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