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Man fined for Lamborghini fruit sales

Christian Fernsby |
A social media stunt featuring watermelons sold from the trunk of a supercar ended with a fine.

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Turkish authorities have issued a statement saying the creative seller had violated traffic rules.

The episode took place in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district and featured a man selling watermelons out of the trunk of a Lamborghini Aventador worth TL 5 million ($670,000).

Pictures of this unique fruit stall went viral on social media and reporters arrived to talk with the man but he quickly departed after he saw cameramen.

According to reports on Friday, police officers issued a TL 1,233 fine to the Iranian national, who was identified by his initials M.H.F.

Authorities said the man, an Iranian national, was fined for “using a vehicle outside of its registered purposes.” The car was also banned from the streets for 15 days due to the violation. claims that local reports said the man is a popular online personality in Iran, confirming the act as a social media performance.

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