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Mexican navy seizes two tons of cocaine off southern coast

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Authorities seized two tons of cocaine that was discovered floating in the ocean off the coast of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero, the Mexican Secretariat of the Navy reported on Thursday.

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Navy aircraft spotted 95 packages, eventually confirmed to contain cocaine, floating in the ocean. Troops were mobilized to retrieve them and the drugs were then transferred by boat to Acapulco.

The secretariat explained that the cocaine could be related to the arrest last week of three men who were discovered in a boat in the same area carrying 2,000 liters of fuel, the origin and purpose of which were unknown.

Reporting on the arrests on Oct. 9, the agency explained that the individuals were allegedly transporting fuel to a nearby boat that was carrying drugs.

Mexican authorities have said that cocaine seized off the country's coast usually comes from drug cartels in South or Central America looking to smuggle it into the United States.

Mexican armed forces seized more than 20 tons of cocaine between January and mid-September, an amount that is 46 percent higher than what was seized in the same period of 2019, according to the Mexican government.

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