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MiG-31 fighter of Kazakhstan’s Air Force crashes near Karaganda

Christian Fernsby |
MiG-31 interceptor-fighter of Kazakhstan’s Air Force crashed near the Karaganda airport, with the crew ejecting to safety, the republican Defense Ministry reported on Thursday, TASS reports.

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The military plane crashed "in the course of performing a planned combat duty training flight," the ministry said.

The incident occurred south of the Karaganda aerodrome. "After the take-off, a fire started in one of the engines. After receiving the command to eject, the pilots directed the plane into the field away from a populated area and after making sure that nothing threatened the civilians, the crew ejected. The pilots are alive," the ministry said.

The Kazakhstani defense minister has set up a commission to investigate the incident. A search and rescue team of the republic’s Air Force has arrived at the scene.

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