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Miners on strike in Georgia's Tkibuli protesting halved salaries

Christian Fernsby |
Nine miners in Georgia’s Tkibuli municipality are on strike in a mine refusing to come out, protesting against receiving the halved salaries in January.

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Tamaz Dolaberidze of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation said that due to less coal mining activity than planned in January, the miners were paid less by Saknakhshiri coal mining company.

"This was not the miners' fault. There was a fire hazard during the coal mining and therefore the plan could not be fulfilled"," Dolaberidze told local media outlet

He added that Saknakhshiri is planning to fire the protest participant miners.

The head of the Tkibuli mines administration Mikheil Sotsky said that the administration had not received any notification about the miners' strike and was unaware of the demands made by the miners. He said that the miners were paid according to their productivity level.

"Some of them fulfilled the plan by 70%, some by 110% and received the salary according to the contract", cited Sotsky as saying.

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