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Moscow orders fresh virus restrictions as deaths soar

Christian Fernsby |
Moscow’s authorities have made a decision to tighten COVID pandemic related restrictions starting from October 25.

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All employers are obliged to send at least 30% of their staff to work from home starting from October 25 and till February 25, 2022. The same applies to staffers over 60 years of age and having certain chronic diseases if their presence at the workplace is not critically important for the organization’s normal operation. The employers will be obliged to present weekly online reports.

This requirement does not concern the vaccinated and those who have had the disease already, medics and employees of strategically important branches of the economy, including the nuclear power corporation Rosatom, space corporation Roscosmos and arms industries.

From October 25, 2021, to February 25, 2022 Muscovites aged over 60 and those with chronic diseases will be obliged to observe a lockdown, although they will be allowed to take strolls and sports activities outdoors.

Those who have experienced COVID over the past six months or have been vaccinated are exempt from the lockdown.

On Tuesday October 19, Russia registered 1,015 daily COVID deaths, a new record.

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