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Netherlands tightens entry restrictions for Bulgaria, Norway and Croatia

Christian Fernsby |
The Dutch authorities have announced that starting from August 21 travellers arriving from Bulgaria, Norway, and the Jadranska Hrvatska region of Croatia will be subject to entry rules upon entering the Netherlands.

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Such a decision has been made after the three countries and the Croatian region, which have been registering high COVID-19 infection rates, will move from the safe countries list to the high-risk areas list, reports.

Consequently, all persons travelling from Bulgaria, Norway, and the Jadranska Hrvatska region will be required to hold the EU Digital COVID-19 Passport in order to be allowed entry to the Netherlands.

Until now, travellers arriving from the two countries and the Croatian region could enter the Netherlands without being subject to any restrictions.

However all persons entering from one of these areas will be required to present proof of vaccination against the Coronavirus, a negative test result, or medical proof indicating that the holder has recovered from the COVID-19 disease during the last six months.

“You need to show proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or a negative test result (this includes the Digital COVID Certificate) if you are travelling from a high-risk country/region in the EU/Schengen,” the Government stated.

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