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New spill of 45 tons of jet fuel pollutes tundra in Taymyr

Christian Fernsby |
Worrying pictures show the latest leak of toxic fuel into the Arctic waterways in the northern Taymyr peninsula.

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The fuel has spread into two bodies of water which ultimately flow into the Yenisei River, The Siberian Times reported.

It burst from a pipeline on 12 July operated by Norilsktransgas, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, close to the village of Tukhard.

Initial reports said the leak was 20 tons but later this was revised up to almost 45 tons.

A source told TASS that the spill had been contained.

‘In order to prevent the fuel from spreading into the Bolshaya Kheta River, seven lines of containment booms have been set up,’ an official said.

‘Fuel-contaminated soil has been treated with 750 kilograms of sorbent.’

Some 53 specialists were working at the site to eliminate the pollution with the area in a state of emergency.

Rescuers from Norilsk Nickel State Medical University and 15 specialists of the Murmansk rescue squad travelled to Tukhard, according to reports.

Representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Management of Krasnoyarsk region and FSB security service specialists were working at the scene.

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