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New tech allows U.S. military to use cell phones to pinpoint enemy gunfire

Christian Fernsby |
According to French Acoustics researchers, U.S. soldiers will soon be able to use their smartphones to locate enemy gunfire on the battlefield.

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For decades, U.S. Military have worked diligently to develop technologies that simultaneously protect infantry soldiers’ hearing and provide support to aid battlefield communication.

However these advanced Tactical Communication and Protective Systems, or TCAPS – earmuffs or earplugs with built-in microphones which allow active hearing protection – don’t help if a soldier takes them off to assess the location of incoming gunfire.

Now a French researcher has developed a proof of concept that uses the microphones in a TCAPS system to capture a shooter’s acoustic information and transmit this to a soldier’s smartphone to display shooter location in real time.

In addition to the military, law enforcement agencies also use gunfire locators. Gunfire locators or gunshot detection systems are technology systems that detect and convey the location of gunfire or other weapon fire using acoustics, optical, or potentially other types of sensors.

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