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New York City Mayor de Blasio to furlough himself and nearly 500 staff

Christian Fernsby |
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and nearly 500 city staffers will be furloughed for one week to help the city deal with a $9 billion revenue shortfall due to the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

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The week long furlough will save the city $860,000.

In his announcement the mayor said no pay cuts are planned at this time, but he admitted the city will be facing a “horrible budget situation” for years, and that it was heightened by the economic shutdown in March and April due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We're going to be in a horrible budget situation for years, so this borrowing capacity is to give us a fallback no matter what happens up ahead,” he said during the press briefing.

The furlough, which will take place for a week at some stage between October and March of next year, will affect 495 employees, including the entire mayor’s office. De Blasio pulls in an annual salary of $258,541 and will lose around $5,000 in earnings from the break in work.

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