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Nicola Sturgeon: Freedom Day in England not sensible, stick to rules in Scotland

Christian Fernsby |
Nicola Sturgeon has criticised Boris Johnson's "Freedom Day" plan, saying it is "not sensible" given the rising number of Covid cases in the UK.

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orrow in England masks will become voluntary in public places, with the 1metre-plus social distancing rule dropped and house parties once again allowed.

It comes as 1735 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the past 24 hours in Scotland.

The figures show a decrease on numbers published on Saturday afternoon, which recorded 2317 new cases, with 49 people in intensive care and 517 in hospital in the 24 hours preceding their publication.

Sturgeon tweeted: “As this chart shows, cases in (Scotland) are falling, but still too high.

“To talk of tomorrow as ‘freedom day’ (England only remember) is not sensible IMO, given current situation.

“Vaccines going well and do offer route through – but as we vaccinate, we must ease up gradually.”

She added: ” If you live in or visiting (Scotland) please abide by remaining safety measures.

“Stick to group limits, keep 1m distance in public places, wear face masks, wash hands etc.

“While we vaccinate, these measures help keep us safe. More info available at”

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