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One third of UK citizens said they will drop Facebook

Christian Fernsby |
Brits were more likely to ditch Facebook than Huawei service products, an Open-Xchange poll revealed.

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The UK consumer poll was conducted by Censuswide, which studied the attitudes towards big messaging platform providers such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others, as well as consumer trust in big tech companies.

Roughly a third (32 percent) said that they would stop using products and services from Facebook, with 14 percent stating they would also stop using WhatsApp and Instagram.

But only 11 percent said that they would stop using Huawei products, despite US accusations that Huawei spies on its clients and customer base and poses a national security threat. 10 percent said that they would sever ties with Google and 11 with Apple.

Only five percent of those polled across the UK said that they 'completely' trusted big messaging platforms on how they handle data.

A whopping 73 percent of British participants said that they had seen their trusts in big messaging platform providers erode over the last two years, with just 3 percent 'strongly disagreeing' with this statement, the survey found.

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