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Only 17% of U.S. students ready to return to classes

Christian Fernsby |
Only 17 percent of students express a desire to return to full time in person instruction when colleges re open after a coronavirus pandemic induced long closure, a national student survey conducted in late July by Simpson Scarborough has found.

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Majority of students are preferring remote instruction, according to the survey.

30 percent of returning students want to stay home and take all classes online, while 41 percent want to go back to campus but take a mixture of online and in person classes.

Those students who said they would prefer to stay home and take classes online mainly because of higher anxiety over contracting the deadly disease when they return to campus, and feel less safe about living in residence halls.

50 percent of students planning to attend a private school say they are likely/highly likely to change their mind, compared to 32 percent of students planning to attend a public school.

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