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Passengers evacuated after Schiphol airport plane mistakenly activates hijacking alert

Christian Fernsby |
The captain of an Air Europa airplane on Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport activated a hijacking alert during boarding.

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The airline acknowledged false alarm after police evacuated all the passengers. Dutch gendarmerie announced they were responding to a “suspicious situation” on board a parked aircraft on Wednesday evening.

According to NOS news, the plane’s captain had signalled by code that a hijacking attempt was underway, as passengers boarded.

27 passengers were reportedly aboard the Airbus A330 when the alert was signalled.

The plane, belonging to Air Europa, was scheduled to fly to Madrid.

Minutes after the evacuation, Air Europa announced that the hijacking alert was “triggered by mistake.” Apologizing for the false alarm, the airline stated that “nothing has happened” and added that the flight will depart as planned “soon.”

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