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Pentagon mulls deploying F-35 jets to UK base

Christian Fernsby |
U.S. Air Force European Commander Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian said that the move would allow the United States to increase its operative latitude between the UK and allies who have joined the F-35 program.

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"Our purpose is to increase the operative capabilities between the U.S. and allies-participants of the F-35 program. Our decision would consist of deploying F-35 jets in Lakenheath in 2021," Sputnik cited Harrigian as saying.[break]

According to the general, the U.S. has recently conducted two stages of drills with these jets. "In particular, the joint maneuvers with Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia allow integrating air defence systems in Europe in the first stage. The second stage envisages the maneuvers of fast-response forces", Harrigian added.

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