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People from Palestine can't get coronavirus vaccine

Christian Fernsby |
Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation have slammed Israel for excluding them from its rollout of coronavirus vaccines.

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Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, beamed on Saturday as he became the first resident to receive a second vaccine dose.

As Israel heads for yet another election in March, Netanyahu has taken credit for the rapid rollout of the vaccine to Israeli citizens.

Its government boasts proudly that more than three quarters of Israel’s adult population has already received the first shot.

Israel will reportedly receive as many as 700,000 vaccines from drugs company Pfizer until all its citizens are inoculated.

Yet the roughly five million Palestinians who effectively live under Israel’s control in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip won’t get a single shot.

Yet Israel claims it is not responsible for making sure Palestinians are vaccinated. Instead it says it’s up to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to deliver the vaccine.

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