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Police march alongside hundreds in New Jersey, North Dakota and Florida

Christian Fernsby |
In Camden, N.J., police officers and the police chief on Saturday stood hand in hand with clergy, residents and local city leaders to peacefully march in solidarity with George Floyd.

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George Floyd could be seen in a video having his neck pinned down by a Minneapolis police officer moments before his death May 25.

Of the many poignant moments Saturday, director of United Community Center of South Jersey, Ronsha Dickerson, took to the mic in front of police headquarters on Federal Street.

"We are hurting," she began.

"I am numb. Listen we all have our differences," Dickerson continued. "One thing I know for certain, together with this is how we start. Let this ignite the fire, what you feel inside your system. Say it with me, protect black lives!"

"We thank you for giving us the sprit of unity," one pastor recited as Police Chief Joe Wysocki, police officers, and residents bowed their heads in prayer.

Speaking to a crowd of hundreds gathered on Federal Street, Wysocki said that when he saw of the video that showed Floyd's death he could not believe it was something that could happen in the United States today.

"There is a duty to intervene as a police officer, and we're doing that here in Camden," he said, pointing to the department changing its use of force policy last year to focus on deescalation.

Acting Camden County Prosecutor Jill Mayer joined the CCPD in condemning the actions taken by the Minnesota officers.

"When a tragedy like this happens, it undermines the trust, progress, and work that we, and the police chiefs in this county, have done to improve the relationship between us and the community we serve," Mayer said. "It also highlights that there is much more work to be done and it cannot be accomplished by staying silent."

Police officers in North Dakota and Tampa, Fl. also joined protesters on the streets.

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