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Police stop dozens of 'Freedom Convoy' vehicles trying to enter Paris

Christian Fernsby |
Police said they stopped 500 vehicles that were trying to get into Paris on Saturday in a 'freedom convoy' protest against COVID-19 restrictions.

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The vehicles were intercepted at three entry points into the French capital and more than 150 tickets were handed out, police said on Twitter.

Inspired by horn-blaring "Freedom Convoy" demonstrations in Canada, the motorists from numerous cities across France were seeking to defy a police order not to enter the city.

This comes after the Paris police chief, Didier Lallement, said they had created a temporary car pound which, together with dozens of tow trucks, "will ... put an end to any blockage".

Police showed off their anti-blockage arsenal on Twitter, publishing photographs of loader tractors for the removal of barricades as well as trucks equipped with cranes or water cannon.

Gendarmerie armoured vehicles have also been deployed in the streets of the capital.

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