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Powerful storm Lorenzo going from Azores to north

Christian Fernsby |
The Category 2 storm Lorenzo has threatened the Azores for days.

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Early Monday, it was about 1,160 miles from the islands and packing 110 mph winds, the National Hurricane Center said.

The Azores is a group of paradise-like islands roughly 950 miles west of Lisbon, Portugal.

The storm's center will pass near the islands early Wednesday, the NHC said.

As Lorenzo approaches, it will dump up to 6 inches of rain over most of the western Azores and up to 2 inches over the central Azores Tuesday and Wednesday.

The rainfall could cause life-threatening flooding in the western portion of the Azores, the center warned.

The storm will stay at sea, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said, but threatens the islands with wind damage, flash flooding and mudslides.

The center also said hurricane conditions were possible in the islands of Flores, Corvo, Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira, where hurricane watches have been issued.

Sao Miguel and Santa Maria are under tropical storm watches.

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