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Protests continue in Lebanon despite resignations in government

Christian Fernsby |
Tens of thousands of demonstrators have gathered on Lebanon's streets on Sunday for a fourth day of anti-government protests.

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Protests have led to the resignation of a Christian party from the government.

Demonstrators, who have been on the streets since Thursday, have pledged to continue marching despite the resignations late on Saturday of four members of the government from the key political party Christian Lebanese Forces.

Labour Minister Camille Abousleiman, one of the four to quit the government, told Al Jazeera shortly after the decision that they had "lost faith in the government’s ability to effect change and address the problem".

Lebanese citizens have been suffering from tax hikes and dire economic conditions in the heavily indebted country.

Lebanon's public debt stands at around $86bn more than 150 percent of gross domestic product, according to the finance ministry.

The grievances and anger at the government's lack of solutions erupted into protests on Thursday, sparked by a proposed $0.2 tax on calls via messaging apps such as WhatsApp. â– 

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