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Reporters Without Borders: 30 countries sign information and democracy partnership

Christian Fernsby |
30 UN members states signed the International Partnership on Information and Democracy at the UN General Assembly, a historic inter-governmental accord initiated by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to promote democratic principles in the online public arena.


Made possible by RSF’s Information and Democracy Initiative, the signing of this unprecedented agreement in New York opens the way to the implementation of democratic guarantees for the global online information and communication space. The International Partnership on Information and Democracy commits the 30 signatory countries to promote online access to news and information that is freely and independently reported, diverse and reliable.

It establishes democratic principles, including political, ideological and religious neutrality for algorithms and transparency in the way they function.

And it focuses on the responsibility of online service providers to promote trustworthy content and pluralism in order to escape the current “information chaos.”

In an appeal to more than 50 foreign ministers and 20 representatives from delegations attending today’s launch of the “Alliance for Multilateralism” at the UN, RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire said: “If the democracies don’t set the rules, private interests and dictators will do it for us (…) They are the ones, not parliaments, that have regulated the online information and communication space (…) This is why we have set about rebuilding a system of democratic guarantees adapted to the digital era.”

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