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Rwanda receives disinfectant robots to help limit spread of COVID-19

Christian Fernsby |
Rwanda on Tuesday received three disinfectant robots to help in cleaning and disinfecting areas such as treatment centers and hospitals as means to limit the spread of the COVID-19.

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The robots, each of which can disinfect up to 15 rooms in an 8-hour shift, will improve infection prevention control processes in treatment centers and other areas because they are faster, smarter and more efficient, the Rwandan Ministry of Health tweeted.

"Preventing and controlling infection is key to great healthcare. We are deploying robots to help tackle hospital-acquired infections and minimize the risk of more COVID-19 infections," Sabin Nsanzimana, director general of Rwanda Biomedical Center, told Xinhua in a telephone interview.

The robots will move around in COVID-19 treatment centers, disinfecting high-risk places like admission rooms, intensive care units, bathrooms and toilets, among others, he said.

These machines are the latest boost to the application of ICT in the fight against COVID-19 in Rwanda, after the central African nation deployed five high-tech robots in COVID-19 treatment centers last year.

As of Monday, Rwanda's national tally of COVID-19 has reached 16,621 cases with 12,629 recoveries and 223 deaths.