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Serbian president announces arrival of COVID-19 drug

Christian Fernsby |
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Wednesday announced a COVID-19 drug produced by the US company MSD had arrived in Serbia.

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"What I am holding in my hand is a new drug. These are tablets, and one box is sufficient for one patient. We have enough for 11,500 people," Vucic said in a video posted on the buducnostsrbije Instagram profile, adding that the quantity would be boosted to enable treatment of 50,000 people.

He said the drug would help COVID-19 patients in the first five days after they tested positive for the coronavirus and was primarily designed for those under the greatest threat the obese and people suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

"The drug saves lives and prevents deaths in a huge percentage of cases," Vucic said, adding that a Pfizer COVID-19 drug was also due to arrive in Serbia in Q1 2022.

He said the MSD drug had been purchased in the US and that Denmark, Lithuania and Slovenia were the only other European countries to have obtained it.

"Human lives and health are priceless," Vucic said.

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