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Slovenian Economy Minister arrested as Interior Minister resigns

Christian Fernsby |
Slovenian investigators are conducting house searches due to medical ventilators deals.

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Interior Minister Aleš Hojs said that criminals had arrested Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek.

House searches are expected to take place at 11 addresses, including the Institute for Commodity Reserves and the Ministry of the Economy.

They are investigating a deal with Geneplanet, which won an eight-million-euro deal to supply medical ventilators.

The suspects include Minister of the Economy Zdravko Počivalšek and Andreja Potočnik, a member of Počivalšek's project group and a former SMC MP who operatively participated in agreements with suppliers of protective equipment.

Interior Minister Aleš Hojs said that he had informed Prime Minister Janez Janša about his resignation.

"As a minister, I have never been involved in the work of the police, Hoys said at press conference.

He explained that he did not order who, when and why to investigate. “My position has always been that order needs to be made in this country for everyone,” he stressed.

He assessed that "we have a political police in Slovenia". "It will be difficult for you to convince me that this is not a political police," he said, adding that it is not in the service of citizens, but in the service of a deep state, for which we have been publicly emphasizing for years."

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