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Smart UK motorways turned to be deadly motorways

Christian Fernsby |
An investigation has found that on one of the two converted sections of the M25, so-called smart motorway, there were 1,485 near misses since the scheme was introduced.

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That is 20-fold increase since the hard shoulder was taken away, it is claimed.

They were intended to reduce congestion on the busiest parts of the road network by becoming another lane drivers could use, but it means anyone who breaks down is left in the middle of traffic.

In comparison, there were only 72 in the five years before it was a smart motorway, according to the research.

The car detection system can spot stranded vehicles nationally, motorists have to wait an average of 17 minutes to be spotted, and a further 17 minutes before they are rescued.

Ahe former government minister who approved the roll-out, has told the BBC that he was misled about the risks of the system.

Sir Mike Penning has claimed the smart motorways are "endangering people's lives".

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